Monday, March 24, 2014

A Wonderful Mistake

Sunday morning was the usual crew.  Peter had us doing a bunch of techniques from suwari waza.  Then moved us to standing techniques with the same shomenuchi attack.  Tai-otoshi(fun) and so forth.

Later in class we moved to henka waza and then did some kaeshi waza.  During one of the latter, I made a really fun mistake.

Nage starts by attacking with a shomenuchi, uke tries to do ikkyo.  Nage takes does a tenkan irimi and keeps everything low(arm is sort of in an unbendable arm position as you take uke around).  Then Peter wanted us to swing both arms up, bringing uke up to set up for an ikkyo-like ogoshi style hip throw.  We did a couple of these then on my turn instead of pushing uke away, I took uke up by the wrists led him out a bit for kazushi and then did a hip throw.

It looked a lot like this.....

The difference is that I had both sleeves/wrists led high up and then over.  I blame Matt for this one.  It felt a lot like one of his techniques we were doing a few months back with some regularity.  Some of it must have gotten stuck in my craw.

Peter saw my mistake and pulled me aside so I could show him what I did.  He commented that it reminded him of a hiza tate style of throw.  So, we did that next instead of my made up hip throw.


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