Monday, June 23, 2014

I Felt Some Intent

Too often there is a guy in class on Sunday that starts a technique and stops just before finishing it.  He considers it mean/rude to actually throw someone.  This is a ridiculous attitude.  Without intent, the practice can get watered down to ineffectiveness.  For whatever reason, the first technique of the morning he actually finished a technique.  It was great.  Not that it was 100% correct but I could feel the intent.  This is much different.  Then as class went on I felt some of that intent disappear.

By the end of class he was doing half techniques again.

After class I commented in a positive manner to him how nice I thought he was doing in the beginning of class.  That I could feel his intent.  It was his thought that he was just being sloppy at the beginning of class.

I'd take sloppy any day.

Class consisted of mostly kaeshi-waza (reversals).  Peter is always doing something fun.


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