Monday, June 02, 2014

Saw Someone Caught Napping On Their Ukemi

One of our senior students is a police officer.  Working with him is fun because he tends to use the more practical aspects of aikido.  At times he applies a lot of strength to his techniques.  There is one thing you have to watch out for when you practice with him.  His shihonage.  He tends to get shihonage and then pulls it around in front of his center in a 45 circle.  So, to take ukemi for this you really have to keep moving.  You can't breakfall out of it easily because he's simply dragging you around.  It's pretty effective and devastating to someone who isn't ready for it.

A couple weeks back I saw a high ranking person take ukemi for him for this and didn't know about his habit.  He wasn't sensitive enough to keep moving.  As a result, he had his arm torqued pretty badly.  Uke let out a yelp.  Since nage was doing this in one sweeping motion there was no thought on his part to lighten up the throw.

A long while back(maybe last year) I spoke to this student about how he performs that technique.  Told him that he needs to be aware of what he is doing and how uke is responding.  While I and others that see a lot of him can handle the ukemi because we know what's coming, a stranger at a seminar or a newbie isn't going to know to follow that.

He understood that I wasn't saying what he was doing was bad..... just that it could be hard on uke and he should be mindful of what he is doing.  He thanked me for the observation.  Said he didn't think much about it but ya..... I was right.  At this point it's a habit for him.  I still don't think he's mindful of it.

At least it's effective.


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