Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Was That Aikido?

On Monday nights I visit the North Shore Aikikai dojo.  For quite some time now they've stopped doing 'typical' techniques and instead have been working on exploring kazushi and aiki principles.

In the beginning, I didn't find it particularly enjoyable and since Matt seemed to be the one starting this exploration I referred to it as Matt-kido (90% of which seems to be wrist grabs).  However, over time I started to understand what it is they are playing with.

One of the exercises we practiced....   offer left hand.  Slide right foot to the left to take you off the line.  left hand I believe is palm down and is brought in and down to your center as you are moving.  The effect of this is to plant uke's front foot.  Once the foot is stuck, you are bringing uke around.  As uke is coming around you slide in a little on the right foot and put your right hand over the shoulder on to uke's back.  Turning to your right side, uke falls past you.  Right hand dragging uke along.  Left hand can go to the hip for a hip bump as they pass by.

There is a ton of timing involved for this technique.  You have to get the timing correct so uke's foot is planted and then you bring him around.  Timing has to be right for uke to catch up to you as they come around.  Timing right to enter and help uke continue his path forward.  It's very fiddly.


At June 04, 2014 2:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kata Hiki Otoshi?


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