Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Great Friday Class

Friday night was fun.  Mr. Mulligan taught.  Since it's been a whole 4 days or so since the class I forgot a lot of what we specifically were doing.

I do remember that at one point we were doing some kind of kokyunage.  Uke grabs a shoulder.  You turn until you get some back pressure on uke's elbow.  Then feeling where uke is at, find the right moment to reverse the movement and throw them.

Instead of keeping some extension my partner Joanna was just simply dropping at my feet leaving me totally on balance.  So after seeing this happen a couple times, I let her know I was totally on balance by doing a choke on her.  She was down on one knee right in front of me with my hands on her lapels.  Seemed like a natural idea to me.  I just lifter her up a bit and let her hang herself.

Mr. Mulligan also lets us finish a technique however we wanted.  At one point he was suggesting we try some henka waza.  So all the stuff Peter has done with us on Sunday's got some exercise.


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