Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More Subtlety

NSA's class was still going down that road of exploration.  When Matt was my partner he was seeing how little he could do to actually accomplish the throw.  What it feels like is that you are standing there, you are a little off balance and then all of a sudden you are simply falling down.  No real major movement to make it happen.

I think one of the other students was making an ukemi breakthrough.  He's actually been around a couple years.  He's very flexible.  Last night I was tossing him and he was gently falling out of the breakfall.  I tried to emulate it but I can't figure out what he's doing.  I think I need to watch it or video it.  I suspect it has to do with his body angle.  If I have time to adjust, I tend to take ukemi sideways.  I'm suspecting he's going over his head more.  More forward.  Don't get me wrong, I fall fine and my sensitivity is usually pretty good so I can make adjustments mid air and everything.  However, I'm not falling from a breakfall that softly.  Weird thing is, it's different than the ones I've seen online.

Or at least, I think it is.


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