Friday, August 29, 2014

Another Quiet Night

It's Labor Day weekend.  It's also a nice night out.  As a result, only two of us showed for class tonight.  Usually, Chris will bail when he sees there isn't going to be a class.  He was kind enough to stay.  Without him, it would have just been me on the mat.

Mr. Mulligan suggested that he help me with my 1st kyu test.  Kind of ironic but Chris did just take this test recently.  I knew he prepared for it.  I had no idea how much of it was preplanned.  He wanted to give a good test and was afraid of locking up so he decided in advance what every single throw would be.  He even decided in advance what throws he would use during the randori portion of the test.  This is no doubt part of the reason that he gave such a strong looking test.

We did some knife disarms, some moretetori, some ryotetori and a little katemenuchi.  It became evident that I need to practice these.  Part of my problem is that I see a bunch of techniques and I'm not sure which one to pick.  It may be easier if I practice a group of them often.

I won't try to practice randori.  Any time I go into a freestyle thinking.... I'm going to do technique "x", I end up doing something completely different.  I'll just do what presents itself and go with the flow.


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