Monday, August 25, 2014

Nikkyo Sunday

Tony messed up his back so he was absent.  Hope he gets better soon.  Back pain can be nasty.

Buddy showed up though which he does once in a while for Sundays.  Working with him is a lot of fun because he's very strong and at times will share honest feedback.  He's actually very sensitive to his partner despite the fact that his aikido feels a little stiff.  I think it's exposure to other martial arts with the one shot, one kill training they do.

Peter had us doing shomenuchi ikkyo and following it up with all kinds of possibilities.  Practicing henka waza.

At one point we were doing a Chiba style nikkyo.  One where you don't bring the hand to the shoulder but instead hold it in front of you.

The problem with this nikkyo is that most people don't pay enough attention to position.  If the elbow is a little high or low you need to make adjustments to the direction in how you cut.  The other option is to get uke's elbow level with the floor so you can cut straight through.

Sometimes when people are learning I tell them to do that.  After they've figured that out I start talking to them about how to get the nikkyo no matter where the elbow is.  There is more to it then just changing the angle.

So during the class, someone was asking for feedback.  I told him my elbow was too high for that angle.  Peter overheard and asked for my take on the subject.  So I went through a few quick nikkyo with my partner to explain how I like to think of it(at least the rudimentary version as that's all we had time for).  Peter has an open mind and is willing to look at a students nikkyo to see if there is something there worth learning.  He's not interested in someone's rank, only their ability.


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