Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Was Able to Go To Two Classes

I haven't been free in a while to do a double class.  I started off going to Shodokan.

Found out after I got there that the typical Monday night class was moved to start at 5pm.  Maybe someone should update the schedule.  Luckily they go till 7pm so I was still able to get an hour in.

I hadn't been to a Monday night class in a while.  Serge teaches these.  His aikido is still more like aikijitsu than aikido.  He concerns him self with opportunities for strikes, keeps uke's arms and so forth extended.  The limb extension is excellent in that you can do it without using a lot of force but I think the likelihood of damaging your attacker is quite high.  I know exactly how to move to take ukemi and he still stretches my arm/shoulder out to it's limit.  An untrained person is going to merely stand there or move the wrong way and have his shoulder dislocated.

He had some interesting points on taking ukemi.  In one instance he suggested doing a breakfall with your legs crossed.  One leg tucked under and the other leg has the foot slamming to the ground to avoid the bell-ringer affect.  There is no way in hell I am going to practice doing this kind of ukemi.  I've done it when I had to because I was out of position, but it's not a good position to be in because of the chance of crushing your own parts if you don't do it correctly.  Also, even if it you do it correctly, you are slamming your foot down on the ground, straining a joint you don't need to strain.

This isn't the kind of aikido I want as part of my muscle memory.  I'd rather do something possibly less effective, have someone try to fight out of it, then simply change the technique if need be.

Aikido for me is about going with the flow of the attack.  It's not about enforcing your will on another to overcome the attack.

Although effective, his style is not the one normally associated with the chief instructor or other instructors. 

After class was done I hung around a little bit and then made my way over to North Shore Aikikai.  We played with the jo for a while.  Started out doing some jo kata (which I do fair at best), and then did some jo disarms.

Oddly enough I can't remember what techniques we did after we put the jo's down.  This probably means that it was some crazy crap Matt made up on the spot.

Oh wait.... some of it is coming back to me.  He was having us do a morotetori attack.  Tenkan irmi, pull uke around, start tenkan with a dropped elbow and as you pull around bring the hand low.  Keep uke going in the same circle for an irminage.

I was fighting 20 kinds of muscle memory for this as what I wanted to do was tenkan bring the arm down and enter, reversing uke so he then spins the other way for the iriminage.  I think it is ten times harder to keep kazushi by doing it the other way.  You end up with this foot shuffle as you try to keep uke moving in a circle.  This is not a technique I'll be doing by default.  It's too hard to not screw up.


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