Monday, September 29, 2014

Another Look at Kaeshi Waza

So Sunday morning we worked on some kaeshiwaza.  This started with nage doing a yokomen, uke attempts to do a shihonage.  Nage reverses it for a kotageashi, a sankyo, a nikkyo, udekiminage....etc.  Peter pointed out that once you started the reversal it was very much as if you simply started with a moretetori attack.  All the techniques available for that are present.

One of my favorites was just simply keeping everything high and doing ikkyo.  It feels natural to me so that one was just plain fun.  As uke starts to do his shihonage and steps in, you step and tankan and bring uke around with elbow low and hand up.... so they end up with ikkyo.  Feet do the step, tankan, j-step to stay in nice and close.  I think Peter liked the j-step I was doing as soon as he saw it and suggested we all do j-steps.


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