Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Freestyle Monday

Monday night at NSA we just each took turns doing various techniques.  Although I can do all kinds of things, I tried to keep it to stuff that was in the spirit of what they are trying to teach over there.  I think I even managed one Matt-like throw.  He has this knack for taking your balance and then letting go of you and you simply fall.  You don't even realize you're leaning on him for support.

He does it in all kinds of different ways.  I think one of the ones I did actually worked.  Which means I am understanding the principle but have trouble spontaneously generating it as he does.

I also tried some Rob-like stuff.

My favorite was when I took something Rob was doing and something that Matt was doing and mushed them together into something that was actually valid.  I think it was something like.... wrist grab, start a kaitenage (soto) like motion and push uke's hand towards their face some.  As uke recovers and attempts to get balance to face you, your other hand would go to the back of the same shoulder of the hand you are working with.  Then you draw uke up and forward, as you use the connection with the hand to drive uke as you pivot.

It was sort of like a standing kaitenage but it worked because uke is off balance the whole time.  I've seen something like it in a Barbara Britton video but darned if I could find it now.

I've tried this sort of thing before and this is the first time that I felt as though it was actually working.


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