Sunday, October 19, 2014

Uh oh Test This Week

Shodokan slid the test night forward a bit.  It was laughingly set on yom kippur.  No way I could make that one.  I sort of feel obligated to test now considering mr mulligan has been pushing me to test for a bit now.  I certainly feel as though I'm good enough to deserve the rank.  However, I haven't really been practicing for the test.  I'm frustrated because it's not going to look very polished.  The past couple months have been full of lots of distractions.

The person that originally offered to be my uke hasn't shown up in a Friday class in months.  So, I haven't seen her at all.

Peter was kind enough to let me do a run through this morning.  First time I've even practiced the test.  Did ok.  Was a little sloppy at some points.  Chris was kind enough to uke for me.  I'm concerned about his current physical state.  On a good day his ukemi is tentative.  Now I also have to worry about him hurting himself during the test.  I have to take him at his word that he will be ok for it though.  Maybe I'll pick easier falls for him.

I wouldn't be sad if the test were pushed another week or two.  But I'll take it when it's given.  Worst thing that happens is I fail it and have to take it again at some point.  I should do fine unless I'm having an off night.

A long time ago, I would have been been asked to run through the rest in front of an instructor before being allowed to test.  That hasn't been done in years though.


At October 20, 2014 7:01 AM, Blogger Scott Zrubek said...

Good luck with your test adn your uke, whoever it turns out to be!


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