Monday, October 27, 2014


Went to aikido class Sunday morning.  Since we worked on ryotetori stuff I'm guessing that this was one of my weaker points during the test.  Like I said.... I have no clue what I did and I did nothing that I planned on for the test.  No idea why that happens.

So it was a fun class working on some mostly familiar techniques.  There was a tai-otoshi in there that Peter was showing that I had some trouble getting to.  After several runs through I did one that was easier for me.  Basically, bounce uke with a small lead, then do a throw.

Great class.

Then I head home.  My wife tells me that the kids TKD dojo was having a free core strengthening class for anyone that wanted to attend and she wanted to go.  So I feed everyone a quick lunch, throw on some sweatpants and head for the kids dojo.

We did pushups, jumping jacks, some punching and kicking a bag, leg raises, did some yoga like positions, all kinds of stuff.  At one point we did some squats and some exercise where we rise up on our toes.  For some reason these two particular exercises were easy for me.  Maybe because of the years of aikido.  We're always getting up off the mat.  We ended with some light stretching.

Keep in mind that also this weekend, I did hours worth of outdoor work around the house, and more inside the house.  Took the kids for a Halloween thing which meant parking the car far away and walking in to town.  So, I had a busy weekend(starting with Friday nights class and test).

Today I can feel my legs were worked and I'm a little overall weary but really nothing hurts.  So I likely did a reasonable work out.


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