Sunday, November 23, 2014

Missed Class Because I Had To Be Polite

The husband of my wife's friend was staying with us off and on for a while.  He wanted to thank us and offered to take the whole family out for dinner.  Very generous, and I like the guy.  But it was kind of a bummer that he didn't offer earlier in the week.  My kids had to miss a test prep and I had to miss class.  We could have said no but felt sort of obligated as he was kind enough to offer.

So that was my missing Friday nights class.

From what I understand I missed a good one.  Peter taught and had the students working on their 31 jo kata.  Which brings us to ....

Sunday class.

We started out with some simple suwari waza.  This quickly moved on to standing techniques as two of the students were having issues with their knees.  We then did lots of shomenuchi responses.  Kotagaeshi, ikkyo, etc.

Then Peter had us practicing the 31 jo kata.  Very good practice since I haven't done it in a long while.  I probably remembered about half of it.  The run through was a little quick for me.  I get things confused when I remember other katas I'd done more recently.


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