Sunday, November 16, 2014

What Did he Bring Back

Peter was one of the people that recently travelled to Delaware for an aikido seminar.  One sensei's original students was down there teaching a seminar.

So I was looking forward to seeing what people came away with fron the seminar.  In this mornings class peter did jujinage from many different attacks.  He also did some iriminage for various attacks.  It sounded like the seminar focused on being able to particular techniques from any attack.

As interesting as this is, I find myself absolutely captivated by the softer aikido I'd been practicing elsewhere.  I have no idea as yet how practical it is.  At the end of class, I tried some of the softer stuff with my classmates.  They thought it was neat but had trouble replicating it first try because of how different it is.  What's natural for some isn't for others.


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