Friday, December 05, 2014

Always Fun to Work With a Beginner

Including myself only three students showed tonight.  Friday night used to be a big night but it seems like a lot of people are too busy to come.

One of the three of us is a relative beginner.  We worked a bit on his 5th kyu test.  I had to really think back on some of it to remember how to do the test technique variations for that test.

I think it would definitely help to do a bunch of this with him.

Overall he does ok.  The second student I think was giving him too much resistance and trying to correct him too often.  I saw two things wrong with that.

Too many corrections too early is bad.  Sensei was paying gobs of attention to us as we practiced.  When he saw something wrong he wanted to correct he'd mention it.  Some times you have to let the beginners make several mistakes.  You fix one and a couple classes later you fix another.  If you try to make them do it perfect from day one, they'll never develop the muscle memory.  Bob was teaching and is fairly reasonable when it comes to this stuff.  The other student however was teaching a little too much in my mind.  He was helping too much.

The second thing was that the fellow student's corrections were phrased in an unclear manner.  For example, we were doing shomenuchi ikkyo.  The beginner student was waiting too long and letting the attack develop too far.  Instead of stressing a better entry or suggesting nage be more extended, he commented to the student that he should have his hands higher.  This would effectively do the same thing but isn't clear to the student why he's doing it.  Then Bob stepped in and made it clear.

The beginner had nice pins overall when he did them correctly.  His kotagaeshi needs a little more work then other things.  Often times he would just bend fingers which does nothing to the wrist joint.  There was other stuff too but he'll get better over time.  He just needs mat time.

At the end of class we did some suwari waza kokyu ho.  I hadn't gotten to work with Bob on this in like 9 years.  So it was nice to get a hold of him.  I always liked his kokyuho.  He helped me out and made me aware of some things that I could improve on.  This alone made it a great class.


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