Friday, December 19, 2014

Everyone Did a Good Job

We had three testers tonight.  Turns out I didn't have to uke for anyone tonight.  I was called up to uke for Tony's freestyle though.  It was more controlled than I thought but despite my best efforts I took a couple of tough falls.  The first one had me land flat on my back.  Knocked a little wind out of me but not too bad.  I was relaxed for it so I came away feeling fine.  I have no idea what he did to put me there but it was fast and went straight down.  Another throw was a little better for me(he did a reap) although I guess my ukemi looked bad.  Someone thought I nailed my shoulder.  If I did, I don't remember it.  Not enough of an impact to bother me.  The last big throw I had to take, Tony was setting me up for a shihonage, but given his tendencies I wanted to keep myself safe and connected my head to my arm so I could breakfall.  It was a little tricky as I was right next to a wall.  Not much room.  I kept the ukemi tight and landed with room to spare.

Tony's test itself was interesting.  He did well enough.  A good amount of variations.  He sprinkled in koshinage of course all throughout the test.  He was tossing Chris around.  Very entertaining.  I think Chris could have made life easier on himself if he relaxed more for the throws.

The other 1st kyu test was done by Ariel.  Ariel's aikido is generally relaxed.  His freestyle looked relaxed.  There wasn't much dumping people in the way of other people.  He did move around real well but often times he wasn't entering or doing a technique.  Just deflecting the attacking and moving to a good position.  Not a bad thing but unless you throw someone they are going to be all over you.  His test also looked great.

My favorite test though has to be the 5th kyu test.  I saw lots of little stuff here and there but for the most part it was a great 5th kyu test.

We had a visitor today.  Someone wanted to start at our dojo came by to watch the test.  Must have been very interesting for him.  His comment at the end was that he was very excited to start and that he had a lot to learn.


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