Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Aikido Beginner and Exploring Principles

Was at class at NSA last night.  For class we did a few of the regular Rob techniques.  I'm still struggling entering deep enough for one in particular.  I'm not sure but after I do a j-step to bring uke around I run out of room and it seems like I can't slide in deeper because my foot is literally stuck.  I can jstep deeper and that helps but I still get stuck.  Sooner or later I'll figure out why this is happening.  I just need more practice.

We had a beginner on the mat last night.  Her very first class.  She seemed quite nice.  It looked like she had a good class.  If she sticks with it I have no doubt that she will have improved flexibility and leg strength.  She looked like she was really working to get up and down off the mat.  I'm hoping she sticks with it.

From what I'm told another pair of students showed up.  A parent/older child showed.  They seemed to have a lot of interest but the late start times didn't work for them.  The NSA folks suggested they check out Shodokan as they have earlier start times.  Maybe I'll see them over there.


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