Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Nothing Special

The beginner over at NSA is coming along well.  She's building up muscle and flexibility with every class.  Matt did a simple but cool technique.  Definitely a fun one for warm up ukemi practice.

The attack was a wrist grab.  You end up leading and then pushing that hand forward and uke takes a forward roll.  I'm not 100% sure I remember how it went though.  Hopefully We'll see it again.

Sunday morning with Peter was good.  We did more work with the jo.  Started with kata and then moved on to jo-disarms.  There is a real simple one I like but we don't practice it.  You can do it from any attack.  You enter placing one hand near the end of the jo and the other way up.  Draw uke forward over his toes a small bit and then bring the jo up and around in a circle over uke's head.  No idea if I saw Matt do this one day or a video or what but I like this one.  It's very direct.


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