Monday, February 23, 2015

Friday is Open Mat Night

Friday night, four of us showed up for class.  The bad weather keeps a lot of people in.  For whatever reason, the instructor couldn't make it so we did an open mat night.  We had Dave pick some stuff out.  What is the first thing he picks???   Kate-menuchi jujinage.  One of my least favorite techniques to practice.  We got through it.  Then Dave wanted us to do a whole bunch of techniques with that same attack.

After a while we all started pitching in with possibilities.  We were able to do practically a whole class with that one attack.

Sunday mornings class....

Peter had us trying a lot of 1 handed responses to different attacks.  Very interesting.  We even managed udekiminage 1 handed.  If I were teaching.... I would have done a 1 handed nikkyo  :)

Peter did come up with a cool 1 handed tai-otoshi.  Haven't done much taiotoshi lately.  But... it seems to be coming up out of the woodwork here and there in different classes.

Tonight's class..... NSA is having a test.  Joe is testing for his 3rd kyu.  Should go pretty well.


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