Monday, February 09, 2015

Under Many Feet of Snow

I've missed many classes lately.  I live in the Boston area.  We've been getting socked in with insane amounts of snow.  I think they announced two more storms on the way and this one isn't even done yet.

Tried to go to Shodokan Sunday morning.  I was the only one to show up.  I'm assuming that class was cancelled and no one told me.  We aren't exactly a large group.  Not sure why snow cancellations have to be a surprise.  So the trip wasn't a complete waste of time, I picked up more gas for the snowblower.

Hoping to make other classes to make up for last time.  I miss Mulligan's classes.  Lately, Bob has been pitching in by teaching Friday nights so I haven't seen Mr. Mulligan teach in a while.


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