Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Got a Good Massage Last Night

We were doing some interesting stuff last night at North Shore Aikikai.  There was an interesting start where someone may come in with a yokomen strike.  Normal tenchin-lke movement although really.... instead of tenshin it was more of a step back and a bit off the line (weapons style kind of move).  Turn uke a bit with a shihonage like grip.  Then it got weird...... we did some kind of irimi tankan to enter.  With hands both on top of uke's arm, we do the pull around kind of thing.

If uke was attacking with the right hand then when he comes around you'd be taking your right hand/wrist and run it down the arm to the wrist, lifting it a bit and rotating your own towards your thumb to get some lift.  then do ikkyo ura.

After a few rounds I started to get the gist of this and started to take the rough edges out.  I think I was mostly getting it right.

Other techniques that night were simple.... and a couple of others were similar to the mess I tried to describe above.

After class Rob threw me around a bit.  Made it through 30+ consecutive throws before I cried uncle.  With all this extra weight I've packed on it's difficult to keep up.  I'm pretty sure I could have gone on more but I was hitting the point where I was going to start sucking wind.

The throws were all over the map in terms of techniques.... even a couple of hip throws.  Got home, took a shower and felt very relaxed as if I had just received a massage.

Also, got to work with the new guy at this class.  He's less stiff then most beginners.  He's still trying to figure out which foot/hand to move when even for basic techniques.  Kind of fun to work with.  Even better..... for some reason his gi smelled like fried food..... mmmmmmmmm fried chicken.....


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