Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Had a Nice Run of Classes

Been having a nice run of classes the past few days.

Friday night, I actually showed up on time.  Bob had us doing a bunch of Suburi.  A couple of them were really fun.  At one point we were doing one exercise repeatedly.  I noticed my arms/shoulders getting tired.  I think I was using muscle and not relaxing.  Then I pushed past this and all of a sudden I felt like I could do the exercise all day long.  Once I ran out of muscle I started doing the exercise better.  Excellent class (and I'm not even into weapons that much).

At one point during the class Bob asked me to come up and strike him.  I know from experience that it's easier as nage when uke does a good strong attack.  With weapons it's really important not to track your target when doing demos.  So after he said to attack him I did.... he asked for me to "really try to hit him".  My next attack was ok but I was delaying my downward strike as I moved in.  I wasn't doing it in one motion.  Then my next attempt was extremely fast.  I was going for a kendo-like touch.  Then for my next attack I managed a normal upswing and downward swing with no delay.  We were using shinai so I wasn't too worried about doing any real damage.  To Bob's credit, he managed to keep up with me no problem even when I went very fast.

This is a far cry from my first year in aikido.  When Bob asked me to hit him in the head with a yokomen strike and I couldn't bring myself to complete the strike as I thought I was going to hit him.  Nowadays, when he says to hit him, I try.  I trust him to act appropriately.  If I get past him, I'll pull it as much as possible but I don't hold back at this point when he asks.

Sunday morning, We did some jo work with Peter.  There seems to be fewer jos in the rack then there used to be.  Really odd.  I remember having a good class.  Peter finally decided that he liked some of the stuff I've been practicing in class.  When doing jo waza.  One of them is pull the jo out from uke so uke is ust over his toes a little bit and then send the jo up and turn uke to throw him.  They key part being that you get some kazushi with uke by bringing his weight forward just a little.  This is purely a Matt thing at NSA.

Monday night at NSA.  Matt did a bunch of weird stuff.  I swear he makes this stuff up.  Most of it seemed reasonable/practical to me.  There was one I loved but I need to see it again to describe it accurately at this point.  Problem is, it's highly likely I'll never see that again for a few months.


At March 22, 2015 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You could always ask Matt to go over it with you, or actually repeat that part of the class...


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