Monday, March 30, 2015

Nice Fall

Did a few things tonight at NSA.  Later in class Matt had us doing a flavor of makiotoshi.  I happen to love this throw.  Very fun.

At one point I had the newer guy as a partner.  When we first started I asked him if he was rolling out of it.  He told me that his last partner wasn't really throwing him.  So we did a bunch with him rolling out.  Rob came over to help me.  I was leaving uke behind a lot.  I didn't figure it out until Matt was showing my partner something and then it finally clicked.  I started throwing better.

Then I threw and instead of rolling the new guy did a so-so breakfall.  I asked him how he felt.  He said he was fine and wanted to do it again.  So I lined him up for one more and did a good throw.  New guy went over perfectly, feet high in the air, landed on his side and everything.  Then I hear a yell..... "Hey..... Don't break the new guy!!!".

So we finish up with him rolling for a few more exchanges.  On his turn he was throwing the hell out of me.  The throws felt really good.

After class I stopped Rob and mentioned to him that one thing I noticed about the new guys ukemi.  He's totally relaxed and landed perfectly but I felt no energy in his ukemi.  For him it was a passive thing.  Then Rob tells me that he hasn't been shown how to breakfall yet.  That totally makes sense.

Ah crap.  Hopefully he was ready for a throw.  He said he wanted to try it.  Had I realized that he hadn't done any breakfalls before I would have at least gone over it with him first.

The good news is I think it was a good throw and he's naturally relaxed.  There is an excellent chance that he won't even be sore the next day.  Just want to make sure I don't put him off breakfalls.  I hope it was an ok experience for him.


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