Monday, March 23, 2015

Open Mat Day

Sunday morning Peter had to be somewhere so he couldn't make it.  I saw a note on the attendance book that he was out for Sunday and we should have an open mat day.

Tony and I started stretching out.  We were all ready to maybe start practicing when Chris showed up late.  Then Chris decided to formalize class, had us bow in and restart stretching.  I'd complain but I never get enough time for stretching normally any way.  Most of my teachers seem to blow through stretching a little fast.  One teacher in particular moves from stretch to stretch with no delay.  I don't think of it as stretching in this case.... just a warm up.

Makes me miss Shira.  She used to stretch the hell out of us.  Part of the reason I have pain in my feet is from my calves being so tight.  I really need to stretch a couple times a day.

If a student is leading the stretching I have a good chance to get some good stretching done.

My wife did a partner stretch with me last night that stretched my calves out.  It felt awesome.

So.... anyway.... Chris decides to teach and has us doing tachitori.  I remembered a few.  Didn't remember others.  Same with everyone I think.

One of the things Chris does for bokken and jo take-aways I don't like is this thing where he spins in front of me.  Next time he tries that crap I'm pulling him backwards.  He leaves me behind him when he does that.  There is no kazushi.  The good part of it is that it makes me examine what I'm doing to see where I might be screwing up.

Although class was not a work out it was fun.


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