Sunday, March 08, 2015

Still Going 3 Days / Week

I'm still going to about 3 classes a week.  Although I don't always write about them.

Friday night class started a little late.  Bob did some stuff that reminded me of Mulligan's techniques.  Hung around after class to chat with Mr. Mulligan.  Talked with him for quite a while.  Then when he lit up his cigar I made a hasty exit.

Sunday morning was difficult.  Got less sleep because of the time change.  I noticed the dressing room was a little colder than the dojo.  Usually, it's the other way around.  There is a baseboard radiator in there and it's a smaller room.  Before I left I realized that the reason was because the digital thermostat had to be updated for the time change.  So.... before I left I pushed it ahead an hour.

Chris was back.  He's been out for a month or so taking care of a hernia.  He seemed to move normally.  I'm guessing he's healing up nicely which is good.

Today Peter did some jo work.... then moved on to koshinage.


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