Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hello My Little Friend

Went to North Shore Aikikai as usual Monday night.

Matt taught.  He did some ikkyo, and went over the uki otoshi we did last week.  Nice to see the same technique a couple of classes in a row.  That's the downside of visiting this dojo only once a week.  They often do repeats of stuff on other days but I don't see it.

After class I tried out a different ukemi.  It's a form of feather fall.  I finally found a video that really does a nice job showing/explaining it.  I did a couple.  It started to improve a little bit.  I think I'm not bending at the waist enough.  You have to really reach for the floor.


I had lost a belt a while back.  I think it's been about a month almost.  It was no big deal.  I have several belts in my gi bag and usually grab the one on top.  This was one of my older belts.  I like having a more worn belt when I go to seminars so people usually figure out they can whomp on me.  After class I mentioned that I lost it and they said that a couple of belts were found a while back.  One of them was mine.  Nice to have the belt back.  It's nice and soft at this point.  Unlike my head which goes "TOK".


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