Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Less Is More

Rob taught Monday night.  We had a good class.  Did some stuff that would be on Jeff's 5th kyu test.

It's always good to go back to some of these more basic techniques.  I'm looking at them with a different eye.  Rob had us doing tenchinage.  I must have seen many versions over the years.

One of the versions involves entering keeping the sky hand close to uke and turning your hips for the throw.  I noticed something right off.  That uke is able to just lean right in.  I had a tendency to pull uke into me.  This is happening for perhaps a couple of different reasons.  One is that by not keeping extension on the sky hand, I'm pulling uke there.  Another thought is to find the spot that uke can't line up and resist the sky hand.

Rob also had me practicing to make sure my earth hand was being put in the right spot.

After we did the version of this where uke is resisting the throw by pushing forward the whole time.  We are supposed turn our hips and let them fly.  For that night I found myself pushing also with the sky hand.  Matt tends do that sort of thing with some techniques.  In this one though.... it isn't appropriate.  Rob showed the technique with and without the push.  I could clearly feel the push and it gave me something to push against.  When he didn't push, you simply fall.  This is the case of less is more.

Such simple techniques look different to me now.


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