Saturday, April 11, 2015


Friday night, Tony Joanna and I showed with Chris showing up late(as always).  Bob was tied up so I thought we'd have a nice open mat night.  I was wrong.  Joanna goes and asks Chris to teach the class.  This isn't a bad thing except that instead of getting to noodle around with whatever we want we really need to follow his lead.

We did a bunch of techniques, mostly centered around a katemenuchi attack.

There were two fun parts of the night.  One was when he said we could do whatever we wanted and I worked with the uki-otoshi (that thing Matt made up ;) the other night  ).  As soon as I did it, Chris says..... that has Matt D's fingerprints all over it.  He's right.  All the action is in your center with a throw completed by moving your center and letting uke just fall down.

The other funny was when Joanna grabbed me.  She tends to be talkative during class and not always about aikido.  This time she grabs me and then turns around facing Tony and Chris and starts talking about something.  I wait... still talking... wait more.... nothing... wait a little more.  She's still talking to them.  So I reach out with my hand and push her head.  She ignores it and continues to talk.  I push her head again and she's still talking to them and paying no attention to me.  So then I took the hand that was grabbing at my shoulder, rotate it right on the shoulder and do a nikkyo. 

End of discussion.


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