Monday, April 13, 2015


What is "Tok".  That's the noise the jo makes when it hits me in the head.

Peter was showing a jo disarm.  He completed the disarm with me on the ground and let the end of the jo dip.  Made a nice noise.  No bruise bump or anything.  Nothing up there to damage anyway.

We started the class off with the 31 jo kata.  Did some interesting techniques.  Peter was doing three of the same technique each with a different entry.

Then we went to jo disarms.

Tony had a new jo.  He bought it from Kingfisher Woodworks.  Nice looking jo.  I'd love to know what diameter it was.  I'm guessing Tony doesn't know.  I'll have to ask him.  Maybe measure it.  The default on Kingfisher's page is diameter doesn't matter (either 15/16ths or 1").

The arnis folks looked like they were doing some interesting knife disarms.  I've watched them before.  They tend to take up space and do stuff close in.  Some of the locks looked familiar.  That's the thing about martial arts.... there are only so many ways a joint will move so regardless of the art the locks look similar.


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