Sunday, May 10, 2015

Another Sunday Morning

Had a great class this morning.  Tony wasn't around but Buddy showed up.  I made certain not to push Buddy too hard.  I'd like him to come more often and I want to make sure we practice in a way that he can handle.  His ukemi is definitely better.

Speaking of tough ukemi..... Friday night we had a class where we were supposed to do something from a two handed grab.  I did an irimi tankan, broke uke's grip so I could get an ikkyo and then raised uke up and down in what I thought was a small arc.  I did this with Dave because he's been around a while and is in terrific physical shape.  He's been practicing longer than me.  Something about the throw wasn't right.  I'm not sure if I brought him down in too much of an arc.... I thought he could just simply take a simple sideways breakfall.  Dave was pulled right off his feet and came around at a bit of an angle for the breakfall.  I'm not sure, but I don't think I pulled him that far off the line.  In any case, it didn't look like a comfortable fall.  Made me cringe. 

I was doing something like this.

Not anything I was shooting for when the technique started.... it just made sense to me at the time.

Friday night was funny because it started off with tenchinage.  This is the technique that NSA did on Monday night.  Sometimes the dojos channel each other.  We won't do a technique for a long while then bam... they do the same one in the same week.   It's really interesting as I may attempt to apply something I liked from one class in the next.

Anyway.... back to this morning....
We did some kaeashiwaza that was fun.  We found all kinds of replies.  The attack was yokomenuchi and uke was supposed to try for a shihonage.  We did a couple of different entries to do the reversals.  The most common was an irimi tankan.

In honor of Tony who was missing I found a couple of his favorites including aiki-otoshi


At May 10, 2015 8:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO One does it better than Kanai Sensei !

On the aiki-otoshi, see if you remember how "we" used to do it. One hand raising Uke's chest/chin and one lower hand scooping the leg. The upper and lower work together to tip him over.



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