Sunday, May 24, 2015

Finally Some Controls Improving

Still Memorial Day weekend but the usual Sunday crew came along with Peter teaching.

Peter had us doing some kaeshiwaza.  We did a few different combinations.  Then we did one where Kotagaeshi leads to nage doing a nikkyo.  We did a couple of rounds of this and then I got tired of moving for people when they don't really have the control.  These folks don't need repetition at this point, they need to polish.  They are all very experienced folks. If it were a beginner I would likely just go along so they can learn the technique.

So even for Peter I was just standing there, sucking up his nikkyo.  I started talking about what was going on with his nikkyo and he noodled around for a bit.  After a little more of my talking about it he made the correct adjustments and then just crushed me.  His nikkyo was 1000 times better.

See, for most people even if you do a sloppy nikkyo, it works.  For me you have to have it just right or I can ignore it.  Which means I can be an excellent person to work with to polish this particular technique.

Tony was getting me every time anyway.  In an odd way but I can't argue with results.  Chris was doing "truck driver arm" which means that you put your arm on top of uke's.  The problem with this method is he drops his weight on the arm which pushes it down.  Assuming I let him push down and don't just push up because I can, this changes the angles on everything and he can never get a nikkyo off on me in this fashion.  He usually changes the nikkyo into a gooseneck version which involves grabbing fingers and so forth.  At times I will feel this pretty strongly as he's good at it.  He said he has to cheat with me.  I told him no..... you don't have to cheat you just have to do it differently.  He made no attempt at making adjustments.  This was not a day Chris was open to learning.

This is what I was talking about in an earlier post.  When his technique didn't work, Chris would just push harder.  Rather than giving me an arm to push against, I'd rather not be there at all.  I'd rather all my aikido technique just work and uke not know exactly what the heck just happened to make them fall down.  In other words, they don't feel me ever pushing them around but rather leading them or causing them to lose balance through technique.

During my mini-lesson I showed how if the elbow is up, the tendency is for uke to move in one direction.  If the elbow down, uke moves in the other direction.  However, if you like you can still pin people in place with these odd angles.  You start off with the hand perpendicular to the wrist for the rotation and then change the angle and cut through their center.  Sort of a curve motion.  That starts the nikkyo that moves them and then pins them in place.

After class I apologized to Peter for interrupting class.  He seemed very receptive to tweaks at the time and was very open to learning my way of thinking on the subject.  Otherwise I would never have tried to adjust everyone's nikkyo.  He said it was excellent that I tried to keep us all honest.

Shodokan folks in general could use polishing with their controls I think.  I'm just tired of moving for bad nikkyo.  For experienced folks who don't need the repetition I think I'll start being more resistant.

Ignoring my interruption, we had a terrific class.


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