Sunday, May 24, 2015

Friday Night Memorial Day Weekend

As one would expect there were just three students to show up.  Bob probably had plans for the long weekend as most people do so he wasn't around to teach.  So we had an open mat night.

Sean wanted to work on his shodan requirements.  So we started out just warming up with a jo kata.  Then we did some taichitori and jotori.

This was all difficult as we hadn't seen many of the weapon disarms lately.  It's been a while for most of us.  So we each remembered what we could.  We didn't do too bad actually.

I would have liked a more ambitious class with lots of throws but Sean was obviously not into it.  When I suggested we move on he opted out and wanted to just do jo kata by himself rather than join Tony and I in doing some easy throws.  So we went back to more weapon disarms so we could do stuff together.

Slow paced class for sure.


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