Friday, May 15, 2015

Fun Wednesday Night

Got to a class at Shodokan on Wednesday night.  I wish I could get there more often those nights as this is the night that Mr. Mulligan teaches.

We did some kokyunage.

Did a flavor of kotemawashi.that looked like this....

One of the kokyunage I had terrible trouble with until the end.  I was getting it more correct just as we moved on to another technique.

A new person came in to watch a class.  I believe she expressed interest in joining.  I just hope we don't lose her before we scrape together a beginners class.

One of the things Shodokan does.... for good or bad is to have a separate class just for beginners.  They are taught the basics of behavior on the mat, terminology, basic ukemi and aikido techniques.
After 8 weeks or so they are moved into the regular classes.  It's a great idea.  The downside to it is that people are told to wait until next month, over and over, until a beginners class can be formed.

There just aren't that many people interested in learning aikido popping up at once.  So at times people are pushed off for months at a time.  Some people go away, some go elsewhere for their aikido.  Hopefully, this girl will be patient.  I think the concept of a separate class isn't a bad thing but if no one joins up, I see no reason to not start it and grab someone out of the standard class to help out.  Of course.... it's not my call, so all I can do is watch.

I know I like working with beginners.  They give you that natural response.  Also, since they are learning basic stuff first, it gives you a chance to practice the basics.  I swear that most of the people I encounter on the mat need help with their controls.  We could all use some refreshers.

My last class at NSA we did nothing but Tenchinage for a whole class.  Weird thing is.... I wasn't done noodling around with it yet.  Maybe after a few years of playing with it, I'll be happy.  Maybe not.


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