Monday, June 01, 2015

Missed Some Class

Monday night I didn't make it because home life got distracting enough it wasn't in my mind.  Friday night I went out to see an improv show.  It was excellent.  Bummer that I missed the Friday night class but I got the impression that had I come, it would have just simply been Tony and I doing an open mat night.

Sunday morning Peter taught.  Great class.  Did more kaeshi waza.  Feeling more tired than usual.  Could be because I hadn't been in class for a week.  As usual, had to take some interesting ukemi when Tony was throwing.  He tends to keep an arm or hand to make you turn your roll into a breakfall.  He also did a bunch of hip throws at one point.  He's just amazing at them.

We tried some resistance with each other.  For me, I didn't use active resistance.  However, if Chris didn't throw me, I just stood there.  That happened a few times.  On my end, Tony stiff armed me, when I was trying to do a technique.  I immediately felt that I couldn't do kotagaeshi without an atemi or muscle, so I changed instantly to a wakagatami.  It didn't require any thought.  I just instantly changed with muscle memory.

Makes me think that this may be why the Tomiki folks don't do much kotagaeshi during competitions.  At least I don't see them very often.  I'm sure they don't allow real atemi.  I don't know their rules though.  I'm just guessing from what I've seen.


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