Tuesday, June 02, 2015

So Fun

Never mind anything else we did..... we worked on what I would call maki-otoshi.  It's such a fun throw and a fun fall.  I was still tweaking things a bit even as we were moving on to another technique.  We had stayed in it this one a while giving us time to work on stuff.  I started with the though of making it a linear throw where you lead uke forward and high the whole time.

I also had my feet different than the instructor.  Although I would argue that it's still a valid finish.  However, I tried to do it Matt's way.  I was fighting muscle memory.

After a while Matt had us try it the way he was doing it where there is an initial dip for uke and as he comes up, you do the throw.  So the throw is more up and down then out.  I know I'm on the right track when I do the technique, realize that I had my hand in the wrong place and then the instructor tells me the same thing.  It's a good sign.  It means I'm still thinking about my technique.  Still analyzing, and still trying to learn.  I'm not just showing up to class as you would a gym and do a work out.


The last thing that I had to work on was the timing of my drop down.  I was dropping before establishing a good connection with both hands.


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