Monday, July 13, 2015

Sunday Morning

Went to class on Sunday morning.  It's probably overkill at this point but I'm still wrapping my toe up.  It feels pretty good at this point and I just want it to finish healing.  I wrap it up so nothing moves too far.

We took a good chunk of time in the beginning of class just to work with the jo.  Nothing organized but most of us were doing the 31 jo kata.  After warming up a bit, Peter took us through a few techniques.

He definitely does things differently than I do for some stuff.  I did my best to try things his way.  Primarily, he was doing things that meant you had a positive grip on uke.  Not all the techniques I like to do have that component.  Some of them rely on uke's reaction.  However, if I don't get the natural reaction I want I would just move to a different technique.  I'm not stuck on doing just one thing.

Good class.  Nothing popping out at me.  There was one moment where he took me aside to try some stuff out.  He still thinks that the only direction otoshi finishes is at 90 degrees.  I've been taught that the initial direction of motion can dictate the ending spot.  However, in reality, I think you can throw wherever you like.  It's easy for people to see that with kotagaeshi.  You set someone up, you can throw them in any old direction with it.  But for otoshi.... for some reason people don't see that same options.


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