Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tiny Sumiotoshi

After class Rob was throwing me around.  There are a number of techniques he likes to do.  Once in a while though he comes up with something really different.  He had one hand on the front of my shoulder and another behind.  Then he drew my weight forward and around and back.  It felt awesome.  Now a few weeks go by and I am in a class with Peter teaching.

One of the attacks he has us working with is a yokomenuchi strike.  He had us take our same arm (right on right for example) and blend with the attack.  It occurred to me that I could very easily get into the same position that Rob and I fell into a few weeks before.

So after class I asked Chris if I could borrow him and tried it out.  I got right where I needed to be.  My biggest difficulty was deciding how to move uke to get the best effect.

Last Monday after class I showed Rob what I saw and he clarified how he thinks of it.  He tends to think of it as a tiny sumi otoshi,  Where usually we do this by pulling an arm around with a, irinni tenkan j-step.  Instead you lead uke the same way but with his shoulder.

Fun stuff.


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