Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Yay, Went to a Class

Thought I'd try out my toe Monday night at North Shore Aikikai.  I taped the toe to it's buddy.  Rob suggested I wrap the whole thing up.  Probably a good idea.  So her helped me tape it up and gave me some tips on wrapping.

Before class they asked me how I was doing so I tried a few rolls.  You come up with live toes.  It didn't feel bad.  It felt pretty normal today so I'd say I'm probably good to go.  I did notice that I was altering my ukemi some to protect the toe more.

Rob taught.  We did a few things.  One of the things I really liked to play with was a simple, cross hand wrist grab.  You move to uke's open side as you simply put your hand down on the mat.  Uke feels an off balance forward and then down.  I was starting to get it by the end.  The trick is to not use any muscle.  If you are pulling uke you aren't doing it like it was shown.


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