Monday, August 31, 2015

Technique Not Force

So, Friday night was an open mat night with Chris, Buddy and myself.  Mr. Mulligan asked us to review Shodan requirements.  We were going down the list, each of us taking turns coming up with stuff.  Then we got to a Moretetori attack.  We are supposed to do 5 responses for this attack. 

Apparently on Wednesday night, Sam taught a response that was something like osotogari.  There are different ways to do it but getting kazushi is really important.  Buddy decided to try one out.  He put me in a bad position where he didn't enter like he was supposed to and didn't have my balance.  My foot that he is supposed to reap had a lot of my weight on it.  Further, his pushing on it forced my foot more into the floor and it was just plain stuck.  Then he began to turn my body.  The result was that my knee was torqued pretty good.  No real damage.  I'm guessing he stretched some tendons/ligaments pretty bad.  It bothered me for a few days.  It's pretty much gone now.

But here is an example of someone seeing a technique, but not understanding what makes it work.  It's ok that he doesn't understand the kazushi behind this.  However, he's been around a while.  He still has a habit of pushing through a technique.  If a technique isn't working, he doesn't stop to understand why.... he just applies more force.  He's the same way with controls.

I know he feels that stuff is not working as easy as it should.  He should be really trying to study why things aren't working.


At August 31, 2015 4:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

May the force be with you?
Kazushi is a prerequisite to all throws. If you don't have someone's balance, you are just fighting.

Osotogari is a Judo leg sweep and would be a bad choice for an Aikido test.

If the instructor isn't going to teach or personally supervise the workout, they should at least set the parameters for safe practice.

Safety should be priority number one. Hope you get better soon.

At August 31, 2015 6:18 PM, Blogger Poxbox said...

Knee is already good. If he was letting us choose the techniques as is often done for this test.... there isn't much the presence of an instructor would have done. Although buddy has reasonable sensitivity, he doesn't stop himself when something isn't working and say... hmmmmmm what would makes this better? Why isn't this working??

All people involved have practiced for 10+ years.


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