Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hulk Smash

Went to class Friday night.  Chris ran a class.  He actually picked a bunch of very interesting techniques.

I was a little more forward with feedback in this class with my partners than I usually am.  There weren't many of us in class but the experience level was quite different.  Dave's aikido hasn't changed much since I worked with him last.  I always feel like I'm being mugged when he does a technique.  There is a lot of pushing.  Whenever he did a technique I felt like I had something I could/wanted to push against.  He often was using strength to make things work.

There was one technique that was basically an iriminage.  Punch to the face, nage enters and makes a connection with the same side (right on right)push uke's wrist out and down as you pivot.  As uke starts to stand up, pivot the other want and do the iriminage.

Dave did a pretty genuine attack and I reacted quickly doing the technique.  It took no strength at all because all I did was lead him down and put him back into his hole behind him as I pivoted.

For this one, Dave was using his other hand to push down on my neck.  when I came up he continued to push.  Felt like I was doing aikido with a troll.  That guy is strong.  Wish he'd focus on kazushi more.


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