Sunday, September 06, 2015

I Felt Absolutely Nothing

So this morning we had a newer person show up for Sunday class.  I hope he comes more often.  He's pretty young.  I think he started almost a year ago.  He's very quick to learn and remember something overall.  He may not understand the technique 100% but he will remember about where to put his feet and hands to do the technique.  His ukemi although still developing is good and very relaxed.  Even when put in an unexpected position he doesn't tighten up(Tony).

The most major issue I see is that he's not there.  Whether it be a control or a throw, he barely touches you.  A lot of newer folks don't get stuff right and normally you just take ukemi so they can learn.  They usually get some of the technique right.  More often than not you feel them using muscle.  But usually, you feel something.  Some effort to make the throw work.(or the control).

I got nothing from this kid.  I suspect it's happening because who he's been training with.  There may be something else going on as well but he's so quiet you can't figure out if there is another issue he's working through.

So although I took it easy on him for the class, I made sure he felt everything.  When we did a control, I did a proper control.  When we did a throw or technique, I went slow and let him experience what the technique is supposed to feel like.  I'm hoping he realizes that he needs to change what he's doing so he can be effective.

If I were his teacher I could help him but just being a fellow student in a regular class I tend to keep my suggestions to a minimum especially if the teacher has a small class and is actively looking at me and my partner.

I think the first question I'd ask him is why he's taking aikido and what is it that he wants to accomplish.  If I didn't get any unusual answers I'd work on his controls and get him to apply them instead of totally backing off.  After that I would try to get him to finish his throws.  He has zero intent.


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