Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Night Playing With a Stick

Rob wasn't around for class so Matt decided to do a Jo night.  We had varying degrees of success.  Some of it wasn't too bad.  I was able to make some adjustments and improve.  There was one thing we did at the end that required a specific move where you basically make a circle with the jo to control your opponents jo and slide in.  I was quite hesitant because I didn't want to hurt Roger.  He kept his fingers in the wrong place all the time.  Matt encouraged me to not worry so much.  Sure enough I ran the jo over his fingers and his response immediately improved.

There wasn't a big change of breaking fingers or anything.  t would just suck to have your hand there at the wrong time.

After my horrible display at jo work Matt went to some empty hand techniques.  The only one that really stuck out in my mind is the last one.  Hamni handache.  You're just doing a kokyunage.  Offer both hands, bring uke forward with you, turn and throw.  No problem.


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