Sunday, September 13, 2015

Much Improved

Had a great class with Peter teaching this morning.  We had two of the beginners join us.  David from last week came again and Pete.

David was way improved this week.  Not sure if it was the techniques Peter chose or that David is just getting better but he was actually there today.  I could feel him as he did his techniques.  In fact at one point we were doing a variation of sumi otoshi and although David did a different variation from what was being taught, it was excellent.  I definitely felt a dramatic improvement over last week.  I suspect he's still too tentative on controls but it was nice to see that this problem wasn't with other techniques.

Pete was interesting.  Really in-shape taller guy.  Reasonably flexible.  His aikido was more typical of what I see.  Usual confusion about where the hands/feet go.  He was improving through repetitions.  Some of his best aikido came when he smoothed things out.  He was really gung ho.  He wanted me to go faster.  I went a little faster but still kept it within his ability to respond.  No way am I hurting someone because they think they are ready.

It was a pleasure to work with some newer people.  Hopefully I'll get some one on one time with them for their ukemi.


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