Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Where Does He See This Stuff?

Matt taught last night.  For most of the class we worked on getting a particular bit of off-balancing to work.  It evolved a bit and by the end of class it looked pretty good.  I even managed to do it maybe once.  I think I could actually get this to work consistently with a little more work.

The beginning part is less important but you end up with your left arm on top of ukes right arm.  You need to keep your wrist down.  If you push in a little towards uke you end up getting some back pressure which helps make this work.  Once you have some back pressure you can turn hand/wrist/arm so that you are going from palm down to palm up.  At the same time you are using your center to move everything down some.  Your arm should not slide across uke's arm.  Instead the back pressure allows you to make a connection inside the elbow and move uke.

The next step is to make a circle like motion with your shoulder while turning towards uke.  It's seem to work better for me when I got my hip involved as well.

All of this insanity results in a sumiotoshi-like drop for uke.

There may be a new guy starting on Wednesday.  I teased Matt and suggested he do some 'normal' Aikido that night.


At September 29, 2015 5:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I attended a seminar this month with Peter Bernath Shihan. He taught a version of this from suwariwaza. The finish was hitoe irimi nage when I first started working on it at North Shore Aikikai. Rob has changed it up with a nice sumiotoshi-like drop at the end. I feel the connections and transitions are more important then the eventual throw.


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