Thursday, October 29, 2015

Am I Actually Learning Anything??

We've been focusing a lot on basic techniques since both dojos have beginners in them.  I've had moments in classes when I wonder if I know anything at all.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Test Night For Others

We had a couple of test tonight.  One was a fifth kyu test.  The other was for shodan.

We had one other person going for shodan this test but her shoulder has been really messed up.  She opted to wait for another night.  Not worth doing yourself a permanent injury.

The fifth kyu test was very good.  I got to work with him during class.  I wanted to ask him if he was a cop.  Every cop I've worked with has felt like this guy.

I believe the shodan test will be a pass.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Yay... Doing Some Basic Stuff

Friday night Mr. Mulligan went over yonkyo, gokyo, and wakigatame.  I need practice for all of it.  The wakigatame I was doing was a little different from how it was taught.  I tried doing that way in class.  I'm not done noodling around with it either.  My yonkyo needs practice.

A week or so later, A beginner joined NSA and we were doing some basic stuff.  Instead of crazy aiki stuff we were doing simple stuff.  Yet..... I'm sure I've seen tenchinage done a bunch of different ways.  Now, I'm seeing things wrong with how I was doing it.  I actually don't like this technique much but I could do a whole class just trying to feel my way through it.
One of the biggest takeaways from that as to keep using my hands together and not use one then the other.

Sunday's class was ok.  After class Pete the new guy asked me to work with him on different stuff.  So we did some techniques we did in class more.  We did some nikkyo, sankyo and so forth.  And.... we did some more realistic atemi which looked more like actual jabs.  Pete was wondering how you deal with a more realistic attack.  I helped him see some possibilities.

This coming Friday is a test night at Shodokan.  I'm supposed to uke for someone for their black belt test.  I don't know how much she's really been practicing.  Not sure if she's up for testing.  Her shoulder isn't doing to well.  She had to bow out of class early on Friday night.

I guess we will see.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Real Kaitenage

Had a great class Sunday morning.  One of the beginners didn't show up but the other did.  Always nice to have someone new to work with.  We mixed partners up a bit like we usually do.

At one point I had Chris as a partner and I refused to move for his almost kaitenage that he likes to do.  Chris is far from a beginner so I have no qualms about not moving for him sometimes.  Often he'd almost throw at the end.

Then somewhere he started trying to throw me but was pushing with the neck hand to do it.  That was better but still not what it should be.  So on my turn I told him that I wanted him to keep the other hand extended and step through.  That I want to feel the throw from that big lever looking thing that is my arm.  Finally, he actually threw me a couple times.  They felt great.  I hope we do that technique again soon so he doesn't revert.  He has many years of muscle memory to fight against.  He expressed  concern that he could hurt me.  I told him I can bail any time by taking the roll.  That he shouldn't worry about it.

His sankyo wasn't there either.  Worse still at one point before getting the sankyo, I'm standing there totally on balance and totally flat footed.  The only good thing about it is that I started looking at my own technique to see if I was doing that.  I don't think I was.  In fact, Chris commented that he was afraid that I wasn't letting go of the control early enough for his ukemi.  Then after a while, he got more comfortable with it and was fine.

I wonder if he was injured badly a long time ago or something.

After class I was trying to show the beginner a better sankyo by adjusting his hold on me.  Working with him is tough.  He's real quiet and I'm not sure if he'll tell you if he's uncomfortable.  So I'm still a little on the cautious side when I do certain things to him.  Even when he taps, you can't hear it.  It's just a light tapping on the mat.  He's real flexible too so to get a good control on him nice and tight you'd have to really crank it.  But.... I don't feel comfortable cranking this kid yet.

We did one bit of kaeshi waza also.

Hey, Mulligan Was On Fire Friday Night

We had quite a good turnout for Friday nights class.  Mr. Mulligan's class tried to teach us how to lock someone's structure.  Disturbing their balance without destroying it.  Usually these exercises culminate in allowing nage to keep uke in place by the most minor of pressure.  Uke is stuck, not falling down nor ever regaining balance.

Out of all the stuff the one that sticks out in my mind was similar to one that we worked on at North Shore Aikikai.  Whatever the beginning was you end up with your left arm over ukes right arm, while you are next to them.  You push down a bit to get some back pressure and then draw uke forward.  Instead of a kokyunage or something where you do an atemi to the face, instead he had us push the face with one hand and the other hand pushes the shoulder.  You get uke bent backwards and are able to keep them there by supporting their head with your center.  NSA's version wasn't focused on locking structure but the study in taking balance was there.

Other stuff we did were a couple of reversals.  Go to shihonage, uke thwarts it by pulling his arm/elbow down close to his chest.  Partner then pushes down on the hand and wrist for a nikkyo.  I'm a crappy partner for this because I don't feel it.  But I saw the effect it had on my partner and other people so I was able to simulate the response for the ukemi.  Another one was doing an ikkyo,  loosen the shoulder, turn away and back and reverse it to another ikkyo.