Monday, October 05, 2015

Hey, Mulligan Was On Fire Friday Night

We had quite a good turnout for Friday nights class.  Mr. Mulligan's class tried to teach us how to lock someone's structure.  Disturbing their balance without destroying it.  Usually these exercises culminate in allowing nage to keep uke in place by the most minor of pressure.  Uke is stuck, not falling down nor ever regaining balance.

Out of all the stuff the one that sticks out in my mind was similar to one that we worked on at North Shore Aikikai.  Whatever the beginning was you end up with your left arm over ukes right arm, while you are next to them.  You push down a bit to get some back pressure and then draw uke forward.  Instead of a kokyunage or something where you do an atemi to the face, instead he had us push the face with one hand and the other hand pushes the shoulder.  You get uke bent backwards and are able to keep them there by supporting their head with your center.  NSA's version wasn't focused on locking structure but the study in taking balance was there.

Other stuff we did were a couple of reversals.  Go to shihonage, uke thwarts it by pulling his arm/elbow down close to his chest.  Partner then pushes down on the hand and wrist for a nikkyo.  I'm a crappy partner for this because I don't feel it.  But I saw the effect it had on my partner and other people so I was able to simulate the response for the ukemi.  Another one was doing an ikkyo,  loosen the shoulder, turn away and back and reverse it to another ikkyo.


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