Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Yay... Doing Some Basic Stuff

Friday night Mr. Mulligan went over yonkyo, gokyo, and wakigatame.  I need practice for all of it.  The wakigatame I was doing was a little different from how it was taught.  I tried doing that way in class.  I'm not done noodling around with it either.  My yonkyo needs practice.

A week or so later, A beginner joined NSA and we were doing some basic stuff.  Instead of crazy aiki stuff we were doing simple stuff.  Yet..... I'm sure I've seen tenchinage done a bunch of different ways.  Now, I'm seeing things wrong with how I was doing it.  I actually don't like this technique much but I could do a whole class just trying to feel my way through it.
One of the biggest takeaways from that as to keep using my hands together and not use one then the other.

Sunday's class was ok.  After class Pete the new guy asked me to work with him on different stuff.  So we did some techniques we did in class more.  We did some nikkyo, sankyo and so forth.  And.... we did some more realistic atemi which looked more like actual jabs.  Pete was wondering how you deal with a more realistic attack.  I helped him see some possibilities.

This coming Friday is a test night at Shodokan.  I'm supposed to uke for someone for their black belt test.  I don't know how much she's really been practicing.  Not sure if she's up for testing.  Her shoulder isn't doing to well.  She had to bow out of class early on Friday night.

I guess we will see.


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