Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Nothing In Particular

Did a class last night at NSA.

Matt started us off with what I believed he called kashima shinryu.  Just started off doing a simple cut.  He was doing lots more of this with Joe the other night I heard.

Then we were just experimenting with a simple wrist grab.  We were noodling around with seeing what we could do with the connection.  It's deceiving.  You may think this a simple exercise, but it's not.

Then we moved on to another exercise.  It's starts out with a shomenuchi ikkyo.  But then we try to take the ikkyo over uke's 'hole', step across in front and then cast out and down.

This is one I could easily get down with some repeated practice.  It has elements of a tai-otoshi.  The toughest part is adjusting to wherever uke ends up so that you can off-balance him more easily.


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