Friday, December 18, 2015

Blend With The Backpack

So tonight I headed over to Shodokan for the Friday night class.  Because people are busy for the holidays there were only 3 of us on the mat.  All experienced folks.  Mr. Mulligan suggested we each pick two techniques for us all to try and so forth.  I picked two strange techniques.  First was the fun kaitenage we did at North Shore Aikido.  I figured I can spread the fun.  Start with a wrist grab, get that ikkyo arm where your elbow is down and uke's elbow is up.  You can do this by turning your hand and dropping your elbow.  Make sure the lead is up and forward.  You don't want uke to be driven back by the ikkyo.  Then bring the ikkyo arm down and establish the kaitenage.  Very fun.

The second "technique" I was pulling a blank so I had Chris grab my wrist to see what would pop out.  I turned my hand the other way with my elbow down into my center and I got an interesting result from uke.  He was bent over backwards and ready to fall.  Then you just move in with your center to throw.  It seemed to work better when uke resisted with the arm more.  If you intentionally let your arm go floppy as uke it doesn't work for me.  However, most people aren't floppy like that and if they are you can just do whatever you like to their arm instead.  At first I thought I made it up on the spot but in retrospect I saw Rob and Matt doing this one and I must have picked it up.  Once I saw it(while doing it), the technique made sense to me.  This is one of those useless techniques that you probably could never pull off in a real situation but the importance of it is there.  There are basic aiki concepts with kazushi that are fundamental in getting this to work.

Before class started I couldn't resist.  Joanna popped in to help with some dojo business and she had her back turned to me and was having an animated conversation with someone.  I placed my hand on her backpack and slowly increased pressure so that her backpack would seem about ten pounds heavier.  She went on at length without comment or even turning around. When I went to leave the room I just instantly released the pack.  She chimes in with.... I was wondering what was going on.  So she noticed the weight but didn't react to it.  Maybe because she's fairly laid back.  Hey... maybe there is an aikido lesson in there somewhere.  Blend with uke's backpack.  Don't startle uke with sudden movement.


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